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Max New York Retirement Plans

Life takes unwarranted twists and turns that are unavoidable. Unanticipated proceedings which hit devoid of caution can disturb the even pace of life. As the most important earning member, an investor has to make sure the monetary safety measures of his or her family if in an unexpected turn of life he or she is taken away from them forever. For having such monetary benefits a person can go for Max New York Retirement Plan that will safe guard the future of the investor when there are no earnings coming in like Life Partner PlusT Plan and Immediate Annuity.

Life PartnerT Plus : Max New York Life Partner PlusT Plan (Restricted Pay Endowment to Age 75), a life assurance policy that offers an investor defence for life, cash bonuses, and numerous alternatives to use these cash bonuses to convene all their individual wants.

Max New York Life Partner PlusT Plan offers investors triple benefits. It also give maturity benefits at the age of 75, gives a life coverage assurance and accomplishes the monetary requirements of the family members, due to unfortunate death and provides money back trait as well, where payment of a portion of the amount guaranteed at standard space to take care of intermittent needs. Investors customize their plan to meet their specific requirements. Max Life offers the litheness to improve the worth of his or her plan by means of a variety of rider options provided. The benefits provided by the policy are laid out below:

  • Definite monetary defence
  • Assured cash back for 15 years
  • Restricted Premium imbursement term
  • Tax benefits on premiums and maturity earnings
  • Added shield through riders
  • Bonus affirmed each year from 3rd policy year on

Immediate Annuity : The Immediate Annuity Plan of Max New York Life Insurance is a prevailing policy to meet investor's post retirement monetary requirements, assuring a total harmony of mind in the fair years of life.

An investor shall give a bulk amount known as Purchase Price. Such shall be moreover the accruals that have made in deferred annuity plans, or may be accruals that have made with any other life assurance / pension company, or accumulated investments. Max Life gives an option amongst varied annuity alternatives we offer as on that date. At present they offer the following annuity options:

  • Annuity for Life
  • Annuity Certain plus Life thereafter
  • Annuity for Life with return of Purchase Price

Depending on age, the allowance option chosen by the investor and the occurrence of payment that the investor decides, Max New York determines investor annuity as per their widespread allowance rates. These allowance rates shall be as permitted by Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority of India.

The annuity amount is imbursed at the end of the period that has been chosen i.e. if it is a monthly annuity; the annuity will be paid at the end of every month. All annuities are subject to tax under section 80CCC (2) of the Indian Income Tax Act 1961.No medical examination required.

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