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ICICI Prudential Term Plans

Term insurance is the most simple and essential assurance cover. Term life plans are intended to make sure that in the occasion of the insured' sudden demise, his or her family receives the amount guaranteed (the wrap quantity) .Term insurance policies assures that insured's family gets a huge chunk amount, known as the amount insured, in the untoward occurrence of demise of the insured person. Such benefits are available at extremely competitive term insurance rates, Term life plans give an occasion to get the protection of today.

ICICI Pru iProtect :ICICI Pru iProtect term insurance plan can bought online at person's handiness. A person can modify this term plan as per his or her insurance requirements, by opting from the below mentioned options:
ICICI Pru iProtect Option I: Where the death benefit is equivalent to the sum guaranteed.
ICICI Pru iProtect Option II: Where an extra death benefit equivalent to the base Sum guaranteed or Rs. 5,000,000, either is lower, is billed in case of death owing to mishap assurance wrap at tremendously reasonable prices.

ICICI Pru Pure Protect : Being the head of the family the responsibilities were fulfilled and the necessities were provided to the family whatever they required and whenever they required. But in the lull of the life with all kinds of uncertainties prevailing around it becomes important to make sure that to ensure that the family has a term insurance wrap, if any ill-fated thing happens to you.

With all the above in list, ICICI Pru Pure Protect Elite is offered, which is a term insurance plan to assure the life and also provides full safety to insured's family. Premium waged for the life assurance defence plan shall be entitled for tax benefit under Sec 80C , any benefit quantity received under this plan shall be entitled for the tax advantage under section 10 (10D), as per existing Income Tax laws

ICICI Pru LifeGuard : The most important aspect of anyone's life is security of their loved ones and any unfortunate event troubling them creates an apprehension in the minds. Thus an ample term insurance assures that the loved ones are given for and that their lives are not affected, even if the insured is not around. For the above mentioned reasons ICICI Prudential provides Life Guard. A person can opt from two alternatives of this term plan to insure one's life and provide whole safety to family, at a very reasonably priced cost. The benefits are

  • Regular premium payment
  • Return of Premiums
  • Extended Life Cover
  • Death Benefit
  • Tax Benefits

ICICI Pru Home Assure : ICICI Pru Home Assure is a solitary premium term assurance policy. The person decides the primary sum guaranteed equivalent to loan amount. The benefit in any year is based on the original loan agenda. On demise through the term of the policy, the benefit based on the preliminary loan schedule is payable.

This benefit can be utilised for the stupendous loan amount and any balance would flow to the beneficiary. On survival to the end of the term, no benefit will be payable.

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